Zobrazených 16–18 z 18 výsledkov

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In cooperation with IMPAR sublimation, a.s. we have prepared ART FROM EXHIBITIONS in the form of print on canvas for you but also on such products as a blankets or pillows. Pleased yourself or your loved ones with real art exclusively on our products.

Towel „40“ (roman turcel)

The Forty is a Loner - a hermit. It represents high intelligence or genius, self-sufficiency, but also stubbornness, closedness and loneliness. 70x140cm   (50% Bavlna, 50% PES)  400g/m²

Towel „6“ (roman turcel)

The number Six is Venus. It represents love, harmony, wisdom and education. It is the feminine essence (empathy, motherhood). She loves beauty! Also money. Its symbol is a six-pointed star (two triangles - a man and a woman). 70x140cm   (50% Bavlna, 50% PES)  400g/m²

Towel „9“ (roman turcel)

The Nine is Mars. It is a number of completion, fulfillment and success. It represents aggressive action, courage and conflict, but also originality, initiative, vulnerability and naivety. Its symbol is three intertwined triangles (man, woman, child / dream, vision, fulfillment). 70x140cm   (50% Bavlna, 50% PES)  400g/m²